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Devinwood Collies is the home of quality Collies who are can compete in the Show Ring, work as therapy and performance dogs, or live as great family pets and loving companions. Our family of dogs is predominately based on a foundation of quality individuals from the Twin Oaks line. At Devinwood, each breeding is carefully planned from top bloodlines. Use of quality stud dogs help ensure correct Collie type, sound structure and movement, elegance, and wonderful temperaments in their offspring.

Collie As Family Dog
Read "The Life Journey To Collie
Ownership" on the Collie Club of
America website and learn everything
you need to know about Collies!

From the moment of birth, our puppies are given the best of care and socialization, including proper nutrition, vaccinations, health and eye checks. Our philosophy is quite simple: As breeders, we have chosen to bring these beautiful and wonderful dogs into the world and therefore have a responsibility to make sure that they are placed in great homes with families that will love and care for them throughout their life.

For further information, please e-mail us. We are located in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Our affiliations and positions held are:

Members of:
Collie Club of America
Collie Club of Connecticut
Tri-County Collie Breeders' Association Inc.
Collie Club of Northern New Jersey

District Director for

Connecticut, Collie Club of America

AKC Licensed Judge

Former Chair,
Breeders Education Committee
Collie Club of America

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Thanks for visiting us!



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